My mother once said to me “the best moments in your life will be conversations”. She was a wise person – a therapist and people would fly thousands of miles, just to be face-to-face with her for an hour. I wish I could do that today… and I wonder… how many of us have been inspired by great conversations at some time in our lives?

Growing up as a kid in a big city, it always struck me as strange that people don’t talk to each other. Now that I’m an adult myself, I still think it would be a good idea if we spoke to each other occasionally!

The Internet has shown us that no one wants to be part of an audience when they can be part of the conversation. Soon we’ll be able to do that in real life too.

Meeting and talking about life is something we’ve done for thousands of years, since civilization began: Sitting round fires, gathering at the village well, the market, the forum – and now – we’ll meet again in a Real Place.


Daniel Norris
Founder: A Real Place

Daniel with his mother - showing face-to-face is better than online.


Here’s what just some of our fans have said

Where is the real place I want in. I’m definitely better face to face, rather than online

Marcus Verser — Killeen, TX

What I tell someone all the time ! Rather talk in person on the phone than try to explain or type it out , this doesn’t seem real and I can’t keep up . Grr

Bob Lehman — Breckenridge, MN

To see facial and physical reactions is priceless but to be physically close enough to feel the others response on a life energy level is essential for empathic compassionate interactions.

Mike Murray — Frankfurt, Germany

Talking on the internet gets boring sometimes, we do need more face to face outdoor communication

Tommy Saroda — Trinidad, West Indies