Safe Face-to-Face

During the pandemic, everyone was affected by the loss of real face-to-face human contact. So we’re developing new technologies to make it safe and virus-free.

One of the most enduring images of a Real Place, is a group of people sitting round a fire, talking to each other. It’s the perfect focus for a conversation – and interestingly, it can create a safe virus-free meeting space too.

Now, we’re not literally suggesting lighting fires – other energy sources work just as well. For example, the heat we use to keep buildings warm, can create the safe meeting space. It’s win-win energy efficiency – you heat the building and at the same time you get a safe environment for people to talk to each other. Other versions use clean renewable solar energy.

Sustainable Innovation

Our new technology is being patented in the US and the UK. The UK application was first and it’s progressing very well. The Patent Office are fast-tracking it through the Green Channel – because it makes our environment cleaner and safer, while saving energy efficiently too.

Safe Face-to-Face in a Real Place

Our technology for safe meeting spaces is designed to work perfectly together with the Real Place platform. For example, discussion topics can be projected into fires and flames as a focus for conversation. Concentrated sunlight can create sterile meeting spaces – and also display discussion subjects. Similarly, UV and electrostatic fields can kill pathogens – while displaying discussion topics in visually exciting ways.