What is a Real Place?

  • A Real Place is a technology that brings people together in real world social settings.
  • It feels like you are ‘physically inside the Internet’ – but you are literally in a Real Place – with real people.
  • It looks beautiful – creating an exciting and inspiring space.
  • It’s the world’s first platform for real-life face-to-face social networking.

Why a Real Place?

  • Face-to-Face is our preferred method of communication 1.
  • Only 2% of people prefer social media to face-to-face 1
  • Our desire for face-to-face human contact increased further after the pandemic.
  • Digital technology has reduced human contact.
  • We can network online – but not yet in real-life.
  • A Real Place is the world’s first technology for real-life face-to-face networking.

Meeting the need

We have solved two big problems:
  • The universal need for human contact in real life – a Real Place to meet and talk.
  • The need for a purpose-built platform for face-to-face business networking that makes it easy, efficient and intuitive.

We have created a new technology that meets both these needs – and patented it.

Target Markets and Sectors

The Real Place platform will be built in nightlife venues, conference centers and coffee shops

Conferences and Conventions

No one will sit in boring conferences when they can network freely in a Real Place.  Face-to-face networking will be the next thing.

Nightlife Businesses

Interesting conversations running late into the night – re-inventing nightclubs and nightlife venues.

Expert Networking Forums

Expert Users can talk to who they want – about what they want – using our purpose built platform. First choice for Medicine, Science  & Technology.

Reinventing Nightlife

The next big thing for Nightlife will be conversation. People spending an evening out – just talking to each other.

Our platform transforms nightlife spaces – so you feel like you’re ‘physically inside the Internet’. You can discuss anything and everything – just like we do online – but face-to-face in real-life.

Conversation will become a new form of entertainment. Together with our nightlife partners we will create exciting new spaces for people to talk to each other.

A Real Place will provide much-needed new income streams for the Hospitality sector. Not just at night but also in the day – when these businesses are dead – we will give them daylife.

Business Networking

Modern business is about networking. We do it online and soon we will do it in-person – in a Real Place.

Our platform supports every kind of networking event.

A Real Place for Business

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Business Networking

The Market

  • The top priority for 82% of attendees at Corporate Events is to network with people 2
  • In the US, 1.9 million business events typically occur each year, with 251 million meeting participants 3.
  • Traditional conferences make networking very difficult or impossible.
  • A Real Place is a purpose-built platform for business networking.

Easy Monetisation

  1. Customers will be charged for using the Real Place platform.
  2. A Real Place will provide an important new revenue stream for partners in nightlife, hospitality, conferences and events.
  3. A Real Place limited will share this new revenue with our licensed partners.
  4. Our platform will draw new customers to your existing business, increasing sales of food and drink.
  5. Our new Real Place platform is not yet in the public domain while it is being patented. It is cheaper, more efficient and much easier to monetise.
  6. We will licence our patents and technology for safe pathogen-free meeting spaces.

A Real Place

Demand and Demographics

We don’t yet have a meeting place.

Pubs, bars and coffee shops are not meeting places – people usually only talk to friends they know already.

The demand for a Real Place to meet and talk is huge. On Facebook, A Real Place gained thirty thousand likes – before we’ve even built it.

More importantly: 71% of our target audience (45 million people on Facebook) like A Real Place, when they find out about it. 4  That’s 32 million potential customers in the USA. Additionally, 8 million people in the UK.

People who like the Real Place concept are predominantly female (65%). They are typically young and socially active (under 30) or retired and older (over 60). Those in the middle stages of life are the least engaged.

Unsurprisingly, single people are most drawn to a Real Place. Those who are ‘in a relationship’ are over-represented, compared to those who are married. A Real Place creates a natural way to meet new people who share interests, rather than explicitly using dating services.

Visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/aRealPlace

Meeting the Need

Recent technology has left people isolated at a computer. A Real place is the first in a new generation of technologies that offer real social connection.

Why do people go to coffee shops and bars? Not just to consume coffee and alcohol – it’s to connect with people. A Real Place meets this simple human need.

Synergy with Electronic Social Media

A Real Place will give Social Media a whole new dimension: Real social interaction. People find out what’s being discussed online and meet in-person in A Real Place. Blogs, tweets and audio can be recorded live. Trending topics can be discussed in A Real Place and concurrently online. A Real Place will extend the Internet into physical space.

Why it works

A Real Place is based on the most tried and tested form of communication there is – face-to-face conversation. Ultimately – it’s just a small group of people talking to each other – something everyone knows how to do.

People come to a Real Place specifically because they want to talk to each other. Our platform makes it easy to do that. We have run Real Place pop-ups with college students. It always works – because it’s simple and intuitive.

A Real Place gives people the freedom to talk to each other – and it creates a structure to do it. That’s exactly what social media platforms do too.

Small group conversation – that’s the basis of a Real Place


Partners who want to host our platform should contact us through the form below. Everyone associated with a Real Place will be the best in their field.


A Real Place Limited

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