Why it works

A Real Place is based on the most tried and tested form of communication there is – face-to-face conversation. Ultimately – it’s just a small group of people talking to each other – something we all know how to do – because humans have been doing it since we first sat around fires.

The technology needed to build a Real Place – electronic display screens – have been around for over fifty years – but it will take time to create exactly the right look and feel. Designing the forum of the future is one of our most exciting challenges.

People come to a Real Place specifically because they want to talk to each other. Our platform makes it easy and natural for them to do that. Most of us would find it difficult – to approach strangers in a public place, such as a bar – to start a conversation about any subject! The discussion signs make it possible to decide which groups you want to join – and who you want to talk to.

We have run many Real Place test forums with university students – using paper signs. It always works well – because it’s simple and intuitive.

The Real Place platform gives people the freedom to talk to each other – and it creates a structure for them to do it. That’s exactly what social media platforms like Facebook do too.


Here’s what just some of our fans have said

Where is the real place I want in. I’m definitely better face to face, rather than online

Marcus Verser — Killeen, TX

What I tell someone all the time ! Rather talk in person on the phone than try to explain or type it out , this doesn’t seem real and I can’t keep up . Grr

Bob Lehman — Breckenridge, MN

To see facial and physical reactions is priceless but to be physically close enough to feel the others response on a life energy level is essential for empathic compassionate interactions.

Mike Murray — Frankfurt, Germany

Talking on the internet gets boring sometimes, we do need more face to face outdoor communication

Tommy Saroda — Trinidad, West Indies