11654 Plaza America Dr. #619

Reston VA 20190
In the past we had the Internet… But soon we’ll have a Real Place to meet and talk

11654 Plaza America Dr. #619

Reston VA 20190


Real Place forums will be built in coffee shops, bars, convention centers, night clubs and nightlife venues.

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The Late Place

Thousands of interesting conversations run late into the night…and you don’t have to shout over the music just to be heard.

Real Community Forums

Will help to bring communities closer together. A Real Place will give us access to our most valuable resource – each other.

Business Conferences and Conventions

Modern business is about networking. No one will want to be stuck in traditional conferences when they can network freely and follow their own agenda in A Real Place.

Expert Networking Forums

Targeted communication on specialist areas of interest. No need to waste hours listening to irrelevant lectures and presentations.